Parish History

Parish History in Photographs

Christ the Savior Orthodox Church in Manhattan was founded in 1924, the same year the Russian Metropolia in North America proclaimed its canonical independence at the Council in Detroit.

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The Orthodox Church in America

V. Rev. Michael A. Meerson

The Orthodox Church in America (OCA), which developed and grew on the North American continent, is the youngest autocephalous church in the family of Orthodox churches. It is unique among Orthodox churches insofar as it is unhampered by either political pressures or specific ethnic customs; it speaks and conducts its services in English language. It is also the only conciliar (soborny) Orthodox Church that is run by regularly (every three years) convened councils, in which all hierarchs, clergy and the lay representatives of all parishes participate. It also offers the only viable model for unifying other Orthodox bodies (jurisdictions) America. It numbers more than two hundred years of uninterrupted church tradition and church organization on North American continent.

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